Evaluation Procedure

JLF_Evaluation_Procedure-9-30-14.pdf (click to download)

We understand that each organization has different capabilities when reporting. Some organizations are able to report very thoroughly and may even have this work done professionally. Other organizations may be less prepared for this work. We ask that each organization report in accordance with its ability.

It is our philosophy that an Evaluation Procedure should be about learning and accountability for both the grantor and the grantee.

For the Evaluation Procedure, we ask that you state the original Objectives/Goals/Action plans that you provided in the Minnesota Common Grant Application Form Section II, part A or B.  To each of these, please state the results.  Please number the pages of the evaluation.

Many organizations have their own evaluation format and we readily welcome their information. If you do not have a standardized method, we recommend either the Minnesota Common Report Form (available at www.mcf.org/mcf/grant/commonreport.htm) or the following simple format:

Objective /Goal #1:
Budget/Realized Expenses:
Objective /Goal #2:
And so on….

For all grants whose applications were submitted for the September 15 or October 15 due date, please remit an evaluation by September 15 of the following year.  For grant applications made at any other time, please remit an evaluation within 12 months of receipt of grant.

When necessary, we are amenable to exceptions to these dates, but we ask that you contact us regarding the delay.

Please send one hard copy and one electronic copy (e-mail) to the Foundation.

For the electronic copy, please make sure that the documents are in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel or Adobe PDF Format.

Please name the attached document(-s) that you send as follows:  (your organization name—can be abbreviated) space (two-digit year, e.g. 14) space (“Larsen Eval”).  So, an example for the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra evaluation of 2014 grant application would be:

SPCO 14 Larsen Eval.doc

If your application is in parts, please use the naming system as described above with an addendum describing the part. For example, if the SPCO had a separate cover letter, the file would be named:

SPCO 14 Larsen Eval Cvr Ltr.doc